Threes – The Multi-Player Puzzle Game

Threes is a multi-player puzzle game. It is in fact a game that comes with many different options to play.

There are also three difficulty levels of the game. The single player and multi-player versions have different players. The latter is for two players, while the single player version has one player.

Threes has different rules for all players. For instance, if you play the single player version you are only given five lives to play with. If you want to play with other players, you are given another three lives to start out with.

There are also four levels that you can choose from. The first level is the one where you are given a single board. You can make as many connecting pieces as you like on this level but you have to do it within the time limit of the game. The second level allows for two players, while the third level allows for three players.

There is also the fourth level that requires three players to reach the end. In the first level there are no restrictions on how many pieces you can connect together. In the second level, each of the pieces is made from nine colored tiles.

The object of Threes is to get all of the connecting pieces to the other players and reach the goal. When you win you get a star and a score. Your score will increase by choosing the best strategy to play.

As for the losing strategy, when you lose you will be forced to re-do your strategy so that you can still get your star. If you lose all the way to the third level you will be forced to stop playing and that’s it.

The graphics of Threes are not that amazing, but they are okay. The music is also not too great but I don’t mind because it doesn’t change the flow of the game.

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