The Top 7 Puzzle Games

While it’s true that most games are mostly fun and entertaining, there are certain puzzle games that do stand out from the rest. These types of games have a particular charm that most games lack, making them something to look forward to every time you want to go puzzle solving.

Limbo, by developer Frictional Games, is one of the few puzzle games that exemplifies the adventure genre. You will explore caves and tombs while trying to find items and pieces in order to reach the goal of the game, which is to rescue the princess. It is an entertaining puzzle game and features unique visuals and sound effects that make it a perfect mixture of elements of other puzzle games to create a totally original experience.

Another kind of puzzle game is Maniac Mansion, which features a set of puzzles that will test your wits and help you find out how the whole ordeal works. The only difference is that the objective of the game is not to get the princess, but to find out what really happened to her mother and the other people who were missing before her. Playing through this game could get you totally addicted, with more puzzles and paths to discover.

In this kind of game, the player will be battling his way through levels that are like a side-scrolling platformer. Not a very complex game, but an entertaining one nonetheless. There are a lot of different characters and environments to visit, which will ensure that you will never get bored of the game once you start playing it. Besides, the story line is also something that you can fully enjoy, so you won’t feel the need to stop playing just because you are getting bored of the game.


RCTW is a puzzle game that is built on the premise of letting you build an empire as you solve puzzles and be challenged by the challenges placed by other players. Each level of the game features a different theme that is visible throughout the game, making it possible for you to spend some time exploring them and visit a wide variety of places while enjoying the puzzles. Moreover, RCTW has a lot of different modes to play the game, which will allow you to play the game at your own pace.

An example of a puzzle game that is highly entertaining is Myst, a somewhat mysterious game that combines elements of a hidden object and an adventure game into one. You will start with having to solve some puzzles and move on from there, until you finally find the “real” solution to the puzzle. Although the final ending is not very different from the rest of the puzzle games, the first chapter is pretty good and will keep you occupied for quite a while.

Another game that features a mysterious background is the Adventure Quest series. Although it is somewhat difficult to tell whether these games are connected to one another or not, one thing is for sure: They all share the same magic that comes with mysterious and spooky backgrounds and objects. Unlike most of the other puzzle games, they are not very advanced and will definitely keep you entertained and glued to the screen, even though you may lose yourself in it for a few hours. You will never run out of things to do, while enjoying the story lines that follow each of the games.

Although many people are afraid of puzzle games, most of them are actually very easy to play. It just takes a little bit of experience and a bit of patience to learn how to go about solving these types of games, so if you want to find out more about them, just give them a try!

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