The Fun of World of Goo

The Puzzle Game World of Goo is a strategy based game that can be quite addictive. The main goal of the game is to create your own Goo by filling up your Goo Pot with different objects. There are a wide variety of these objects, but it’s generally these that are highly beneficial in the short term and there are also objects that are definitely not recommended. When you create your Goo, you’re given a number of different goals.

The first objective is to remove all objects from the surface of the globe and then send it into the “objective hole”. This hole will prevent other players from collecting your Objectives. If this goal is not completed, you will be knocked out of the game and there are many penalty points at stake.

After you reach this point, you have another opportunity to complete a set of new objectives. These new objectives can range from more objects to completing a certain task. In fact, there are even cases where you can clear an entire group of objectives. Once all of these are fulfilled, you will move onto the next level.

At the end of each level, you will have to send your own objectives into the goal hole. You can add new objects to your “Goo Pot” as you progress through the levels. This completes the game and you will move onto the next game level.


The overall goal is to complete the game within a time limit or you will be kicked out of the game. Sometimes, you will be given a time limit which cannot be crossed without penalty. You can use these penalties as advantages that will allow you to reach a goal much faster than anyone else.

You can add different items to the landscape of the game. However, you should also be careful that you don’t cause any destruction to the environment. Bemindful of the rules of the game and make sure that you don’t break them.

World of Goo provides a fun experience for those who enjoy these types of games. You can’t really beat this game, but it provides the atmosphere of playing puzzles with objects. Some people enjoy this type of game because it provides a challenge while others enjoy the challenges that they find while playing this game.

The makers of this game offer several different types of worlds that you can play. They also have some very simple and easy games that you can try. It’s a great idea to play a few of these games before you purchase the full version of the game.

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