Bejeweled – A Fun Puzzle Game

If you are someone who likes puzzle games, then you will like Bejeweled. This is a fun game that gives you the chance to build and develop your own set of cards. It’s quite fun and educational, as well as a great game for any age.

There are a lot of different ways to play Bejeweled. You can play against the computer or against yourself. But the real fun comes in when you play against other players, using skill and strategy to beat them.

There are many different variations of Bejeweled. In this game, you use gems (essence) to place items on the board. But if you put two identical gems next to each other, they will clash and the gem that has an equal number of twists on it is the winner. Every time a player places an item on the board, the gems will point towards it and once they are all pointing at an item, the winner is revealed.

You also get to learn about magical spells. These are called charms. When you place a charm next to an item, you will have a visual representation of the spell in the charms. You can use charms to accomplish anything.

There are many different themes to choose from. The ones I am most familiar with are: Pirates, Ninjas, Pharaohs, Kittens, and of course, Barbie. There are many others that you can choose from.

You can create a profile for your Bejeweled account by going to their website and creating a new one. You can access it from any computer, but I strongly recommend that you access it from your phone. The site offers its own application for your phone, which allows you to access your account and chat with your friends.


As I mentioned before, you will need to play games in order to advance in the game. If you are trying to start off with a few cards, then I would suggest starting off playing with something like Boggle.

Boggle is a very similar game to Bejeweled. However, it takes a bit more of an effort to be successful. As you progress, however, you will be able to add more skills to your arsenal and become more skilled.

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